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You get more spiritS AND less water 

Better ICe. Better Drinks.


Craft Cocktails need Craft Ice



The same artistry, craftsmanship and attention to detail you've come to know with our sculptures, you will find with our craft ice. 

Craft ice provides slow melt time so you can enjoy your favorite spirit the way it was made to taste. Our process to create craft ice is entirely controlled from freezing to packaging. Our ice is made in-house using reverse osmosis and UV filtration, removing impurities. This gives you crystal clear cooling and melting at just the right pace allowing you more time to savor every sip. 

Refine every cocktail and benefit every guest with these craft ice options: one-time event, ongoing service, bar and restaurant programs. Order today to experience the thrill of craft ice.


For Who?

  • Cocktail Lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Event Centers
  • Special Occasions
  • Private Parties
  • Home

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Cocktail Spheres


Cocktail Sticks

Chris’ work is stellar as well as his attention to detail and customer service.
— Stephan A. Koch